S&F HEATHROW Euro Top Mattress-Queen Size

S&F HEATHROW Euro Top Mattress-Queen Size

Brand: Sealy
Product Code: S&F HEATHROW Euro Top Mattress
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You'll feel like you're resting on a fluffy cloud when you lie down on this Princedale mattress from Stearns & Foster. Based on a layer of coil-in-coil pocket springs, this bed offers adaptable support from your head to your toes. Meanwhile, the PrimaVent™ system allows heat to escape out the mattress' edge, which is reinforced by miniature coils so you can feel safe relaxing on the bed's surface. With gel memory and gel high-density (HD) foams ready to cradle you, falling asleep won't be a problem.


Key Features:

  • Luxury Firm Comfort Level
  • 1,504Queen 1954King IntelliCoil Advanced Coil Support
  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Cooling Flawless HD Gel Foams
  • PrimaVent System
  • Silk and Wool Fibre Technology
  • Performance Quilt
  • PrecisionEdge™
  • Other Features

Firm Comfort Level 
Enjoy the luxury firm feel of this Stearns & Foster Princedale mattress, which has a small amount of softness to comfort you without losing the support your body craves. 

1,504Queen 1954King IntelliCoil Advanced Coil Support 
Enjoy the exclusive coil design that delivers variable support to your body, which features an outer coil for durable comfort and an inner coil that precisely adapts to the shape and weight of every body for the perfect level of support. 

Gel Memory Foam 
Conforming memory foam, designed to fit the curves of the body, provides more personalized comfort to your sleeping body. Plus, gel is added for additional flexible, durable support. 

Cooling Flawless HD Gel Foams 
Cradles and supports your body while promoting a cooler sleeping experience. 

PrimaVent System 
Vents along the edge of this mattress promote air flow for increased breathability and cooling. 

Silk and Wool Fibre Technology 
Made with a mix of natural materials, this breathable technology assists with keeping you cool. This fabric blend features the very best in luxurious comfort and temperature regulating fibres. 

Performance Quilt 
High-loft, double stretch-knit fabric made with eco-friendly TENCEL®, a fibre used in athletic wear for its moisture-wicking and breathable properties. This performance quilt's high-performing, temperature regulating design is more durable, with a softer hand and less pilling.

This innovative system of miniature coils offers better support with improved breathability and a longer, more durable lifespan. PrecisionEdge also allows for a greater sleeping surface area. 

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