FOTILE EMS9018 Range Hood

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This 36" wall mount range hood by Fotile comes with 210 watt motor power and 550 CFM. It also features innovative wing-like surround suction plate, M-shaped canopy, full acceleration access, Nautilus air passageway, 49 dBA noise level, bionic wing-like impeller, dual varied "R" turbine system, auto turbo system, auto anion sterilization and delay function. Available at AppliancesConnection


Setting a New Standard with Surround Suction that Breaks Away from Tradition.

The large amount of smoke and fume created by frying and stiring takes control of the whole kitchen within seconds.

Innovative Wing

Like Surround Suction Plate, powerful smoke collection and buffer ability.

Innovative M-shaped Canopy

It achieves a perfect cooperation with the Surround Suction Plate.

Full Acceleration Access

Simultaneous cooking fume extraction with a larger amount of smoke intake per unit.

Multiple Smoke Inlet Paths

It greatly expands the space for smoke intake.

Patent "Nautilus" Air Passageway

Smoke can be extracted smoothly without any turbulence.

49dB Super Low Noise

Enjoy the clean and quiet life in the kitchen.

Patent Silent Volute

It ensures a smoother and faster air flow while reducing the turbulence of air.

Micropore for noise reduction

It's used in aerospace industry where noise can be reduced greatly.

Bionic Wing-like Impeller

It reduces resistance and noise.

Patent Dual Varied "R" Turbine System

Smoke can be extracted out smoothly.

The Proprietary Strong Motor by FOTILE

Noise level will always be contained to a minimum.

Auto Turbo System

It runs at the most powerful mode to maximize the extraction capacity.

Auto Anion Sterilization

It keeps the air in the kitchen fresh and clean, always.

Delay Function

Let the hood work alone after cooking.

Screen Lock Function

It prevents you from misoperation and frees you to clean.

O-Touch Control

Fashionable and elegant.

Quick Corrugated Filter

Easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Surface

Classic and fashionable design!

Anti-Head-Bumping Parts

They protect you from all aspects.

LED Lights

Energy saving.

Hided Super Large Oil Cup

The range hood is more clean.




  • 肉眼可见的惊人油烟掌控力
    • -95%油烟过滤率
    • -97%异味消除率
  • 专利蝶翼环吸技术
    • -符合空气动力学原理,合理化流动动线,拢烟控烟不跑烟
  • 无刷直流变频电机
    • -澎湃内核 更强动力
    • -专利静流弧内增压通道,二次加速不给油烟乱窜机会
  • 高品质生活,源于安静+干净
    • -49dB/1.87sones,图书馆级静音,尽享干净又安静的厨房生活
    • -仿生羽翼叶轮强控涡流,静音实力派
    • -专利“鹦鹉螺”畅吸风道,阻力小,排烟更顺畅
  • 自动感应,智慧是最新美学
    • -自动巡航增压,自动感应外界排烟阻力,随时达到最强劲的动力
    • -空气管家启动时,全程监控空气质量,自动换气,保卫厨房空气健康
    • -延时功能,让油烟机再开一会
  • 人性化设计
    • -锁屏功能,防止误触,随心清洁
    • -经典O-TOUCH触摸设计,让您的厨房独一无二
    • -430不锈钢外观,高端大气易打理
    • -油杯可视化窗口,时刻检测油杯油量
    • -防碰头设计,给您全方面的保护
    • -LED灯,节能环保
    • -隐匿式超长大油杯,烟机整洁又卫生
  • 标准6寸烟道口
    • ​-请确保您家的烟道口大于等于6寸
  • 安装简单
    • -标准化设计,适应99%的北美厨房安装,箱子内附详细安装手册

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