Fotile JQG7501 Range Hood

Fotile JQG7501 Range Hood

Brand: Fotile
Product Code: JQG7501
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$1,699.00 $1,499.00

FOTILE JQG7501 30 In. wall mount/under-cabinet side-draft design range hood not only provides excellent performance but looks great as well.

  • With an automatic open baffle plate, when the range hood is turned on, it will open up a 90° angle, not only extend the coverage area up to 6 sq.ft, as well as guiding smoke upwards and creating a barrier to prevent you from breathing in harmful smoke and grease.
  • Capable of normally producing 530CFMs, with the WhisPower motor Technology and Capture-Shield extraction, it can achieve a maximum power of 850CFM and lowest noise level 38dB
  • Touchscreen has a screen lock function, simply hold it for 2 sec. to ensure your screen will stay in place so you can clean with a damp cloth. With delayed shutoff function, it keeps the fan on for an additional 2 min. after you’re ready to leave the kitchen. 2 LED lights up to 500 lux for improved visibility.
  • With large grease tray and removable, dishwasher safe filter, allowing you to prepare more meals with a less and quick cleaning.

Technical Parameters

Material / Color:               Black Tempered Glass

Style:     Side Draft

Duct Type:          Round, 6"

Venting Type:    Ducted

Blower Type:      Internal

Mounting Type: Wall Mount

Commercial:       No

Vent Location:   Top

Number of LED light:       2

Number of Fan Speeds: 3 Speeds

Fan:       impeller

Volts:    120 Volts

Frequency:         60 Hz.


Width:  29.88"

Exterior Width: 30"

Depth:  18.25"

Height: 17.44"

Weight: 76 lbs






  • 独特的侧吸式壁挂结构
    • 作为侧吸式油烟机专业品牌,FOTILE方太投入3年时间做用户调查,深入了解现有的北美油烟机痛点。FOTILE方太精心研发V系列,推出JQG7501,解决了普通油烟机“无法覆盖多炉眼灶具外侧油烟”的根本性问题。当挡烟板打开之后,它能覆盖超宽的6平方英尺拢烟区并创造最佳空气动线,完美解决北美4-6眼炉头的油烟问题。
  • 高效控制厨房油烟
    • -过滤95%油烟
    • -减少97%异味
  • 静音,防油,易清洁
    • -双离心风机系统:两个风机协同工作,耐用材料制成的离心涡轮创造出强有力的离心涡轮,快速吸走厨房油烟和异味
  • 完美平衡强风力和超静音(*54dB/2.64sones)
    • -风机涡轮及内壁“有机硅防油涂层”
    • -可折叠装饰性油网+超大油杯:油网易拆卸可折叠,清洗很便捷;超大油杯可容纳更多油,减少日常清理频率。
  • 适用北美多眼炉头
    • -超大拢烟区:30寸烟机可覆盖6平方英尺/36寸烟机可覆盖7平方英尺
    • -机身45°倾斜角:使FOTILE方太V系列油烟机的拢烟区能覆盖更广范围,拒绝油烟逃逸
    • -超宽的平行进烟口:几乎与机身同等长度的进烟口,可以吸走油烟机左右两边的油烟,是最适合北美多炉头灶具的设计
  • 北美网红爆款油烟机JQG7501
    • -90° 全自动档烟板.
    • -有效阻挡油烟,保护面部肌肤和头发免受油烟危害
    • -O-Touch简易操控触屏,轻轻一抹就干净
    • -2mins延时功能,自动关机,不耽误一家人上桌吃饭
  • 明亮灯光,还原食物本真色彩
    • -明亮的500lux LED灯照亮烹饪区,还原食物本真色彩,杜绝看起来熟了吃起来还是生的的情况
  • 柜下(under-cabinet )/壁挂(chimney)均可安装
    • -V系列可以适用各种厨房设计,需注意的是壁挂(chimney)式安装需额外购买对应型号的装饰罩
  • 标准6寸烟道口
    • ​-请确保您家的烟道口大于等于6


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