FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

Brand: Fotile
Product Code: UQG3002
Availability: 1
$1,899.00 $1,599.00

THREE-YEAR WARRANTY - FOTILE is offering three-year limited warranty on products including a one-year full warranty on labor, a three-year limited warranty on parts, and a lifetime limited warranty on motor. Our customer support team will always be here for any inquiries.

POWERFUL AND QUIET - Listed 400 in maximum static pressure and as low as 37 dB in noise level with our signature WhisPower aerodynamic technologies which can boost the suction power up to 850 CFMs with less energy consumed, covering 6 square feet or a 4-6 burner cooktop with ease.

AIR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - The Pixie Air Range Hood will automatically detect harmful organic gasses or noxious fumes and vent them out of the house.

MOTION CONTROL - Wave to turn on/off the range hood, no more greasy finger prints on the panel during the cooking. Select among 4 fan speeds based on the level of cooking smoke, or turn on your LED lights to light up your cooktop surface with touchscreen control panel.

EASY TO CLEAN - Built with food grade stainless steel that resists grease, stains or rusts. The detachable capture shield can be removed and cleaned thoroughly in the dishwasher.


Model:                                                     UQG3002

Installation / Mount Type:                        Under cabinet

Product Dimensions (W x D x H):              29 13/16" x 22 1/16" x 8 5/16"

Net Weight (lb):                                       52

Venting Type: Ducted / Recirculating (kit sold separately)

Duct Diameter:     7" round

Max. / Min. EQUIV. CFM:    

MAXIMUM Equivalent CFM: 850 ;MINIMUM Equivalent CFM: 380

  • 极简设计 适合每一种厨房风格,自定义玻璃,多种颜色可选。
  • 方太WhisPower风机系统方太的仿生叶轮利用空气动力学技术,减少油烟机工作时的摩擦和噪音,能够安静地提供强大的吸力。
  • 方太专利蝶翼环吸板技术,方太第三代专利蝶翼环吸板的设计应用了文丘里效应的原理。油烟经过两个环吸板中间时,由于空间迅速变窄,油烟运动速度会急剧增快,油烟得以被迅速被吸入腔体。
  • 双蝶翼环吸板可拆卸放入洗碗机中清洁,解放双手,轻松机洗。日常清洁只需轻轻一抹,光滑表面,一擦即净。
  • 一键爆炒,实际效果 850CFM,超强爆炒档煎鱼炒辣椒都不怕
  • 挥手开启,无接触操作,不留指纹
  • 智能空气管家系统,自动检测吸排有害气体,保护您和家人的健康
  • 多档延时,5/15/30min可选,搭配不同需求使用
  • 专利LED灯,视野明亮,不刺眼

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