FOTILE EMG9030 36" Wall-mount Range Hood

FOTILE EMG9030 36" Wall-mount Range Hood

Brand: Fotile
Product Code: EMG9030
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$3,599.00 $3,199.00

THREE-YEAR WARRANTY - FOTILE is offering three-year limited warranty on products including a one-year full warranty on labor, a three-year limited warranty on parts, and a lifetime limited warranty on motor. Our customer support team will always be here for any inquiries.


ENJOY A SMOKE-FREE KITCHEN: Featuring Surround Suction Technology and Sleek, Contemporary Design, FOTILE W Series Range Hoods are more than appliances-they are modern-day masterpieces. With Maximum Static Pressure of 720Pa with nautilus air passageway and 360-degree micropore noise reduction, maximizes the hood's extraction power while simultaneously reducing the noise generated through the air flow to 40dB / 1sones


TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL: With 4 speed Settings, it is suitable for all kinds of cooking style. With Auto Turbo System, if at any point during the ventilation process, your FOTILE range hood detects resistance, the unit will automatically switch to its most powerful mode for maximum extraction capacity, With Delay Function, it will ensure no smell will be left behind after you finished cooking, while you enjoy your meal. With Screen Lock Function, it prevents unit from turn on, while cleaning.


WING-LIKE SURROUND SUCTION PLATE: Eliminate smoke before it can spread. This unit is designed with a wide negative core pressure area for maximum coverage while you're cooking. Smoke and other odors are quickly detected and then extracted before they can spread. SMART SMOKE DETECTION: it can auto adjust the plate’s height to 3.2 in and 4.7 in, depends on how heavy is the cooking smoke. INTELLIGENT AIR MANAGEMENT: it will protect you and your love ones from dangerous gases.


EASY TO MAINTAIN: With Impeller, it can reach 92% of grease filtration rate; 95% odor reduction rate. Simplified mounting system lets you quickly remove and wash your range hood's filter. Smooth surface and canopy can be quickly dismounted and wiped down with a damp cloth. Large Grease Tray is easy to remove and clean.


Brand     FOTILE

Model Number     FOTILE

Color      Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions     90.17 x 51.56 x 64.77 cm; 36.74 Kilograms

Voltage  120 Volts

Material  Stainless Steel

Number of Speeds       4

Item Weight  36.7 kg


  • 肉眼可见的惊人油烟掌控力
    • -95%油烟过滤率
    • -97%异味消除率
  • 专利蝶翼环吸技术
    • -符合空气动力学原理,合理化流动动线,拢烟控烟不跑烟
  • 无刷直流变频电机
    • -澎湃内核 更强动力
    • -随油烟大小,智能升降,看准油烟主动出击
    • -专利静流弧内增压通道,二次加速不给油烟乱窜机会
    • -专利“鹦鹉螺”畅吸风道,排烟阻力小更顺畅
  • 高品质生活,源于安静+干净
    • -51.5dB高频消噪,风声更自然
    • -仿生羽翼叶轮强控涡流,静音实力派
    • -升级版双层净畅网,轻松易卸,擦洗轻松
    • -“蝶翼板+油杯”双重储油,延长清理周期
  • 全自动感应,智慧是最新美学
    • -风随烟动,主动出击。爆炒时蝶翼环吸板下沉,扩大进烟口并且更贴近油烟源头;小炒时蝶翼环吸板上升,缩小进烟口以增加空气压力,强效且安静
    • -空气管家启动时,全程监控空气质量,自动换气,保卫厨房空气健康
    • -延时功能,让油烟机再开一会
  • 人性化设计
    • -经典TOUCH触摸设计,让您的厨房独一无二
    • -三层钢化玻璃+不锈钢外观,高端大气易打理
    • -油杯可视化窗口,时刻检测油杯油量
    • -防碰头设计,给您全方面的保护
    • -LED灯,节能环保
    • -隐匿式超长大油杯,烟机整洁又卫生
  • 标准6寸烟道口
    • ​-请确保您家的烟道口大于等于6寸
  • 安装简单
    • -标准化设计,适应99%的北美厨房安装,箱子内附详细安装手册


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