FOTILE JQG7505 Range Hood

FOTILE JQG7505 Range Hood

Brand: Fotile
Product Code: JQG7505
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$1,999.00 $1,699.00

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Oil Fume Suction Performance

* Quick Stir-Fry Mode, gert rid of grease and odors.

* The 1st dual DC motor of side draft range hood, max static pressure 540Pa, exhaustint up to 30% more cooking smoke.

*90° Automatic Fume Baffle Plate. It prevents the smoke from spreading effectively and protects you against its harm.

*30” Extra-wide Fume Inlet. It ensures the even pressure of suction in every angle.

*6sf Super-large Covering Area. It covers the range of all the burners from left to right, from back to forth.



*Lowest noise level<39 dB, super quiet in your kitchen


Intelligent Function

*Wave to turn on/off(LED lights on, smoke baffle plate opens, powerful mode on)


Humanized Design

*Screen Lock Function. It prevents you from misoperation and frees you to clean.

*Powerful Lights. It enlightens the whole cooking area and keeps the original color of the food.

*Oversized Oil Cup. With bigger volume, it incredibly decreases the frequency of cleaning.

*Folding Oil Filter, available in the dishwasher.


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